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Popular Destinations For Scenic Flights(Coming Soon)

Lake Wanaka
Lake Wanaka
Mountain Aspiring
Lake Wanaka
Mountain Aspiring
Queenstown Lake
Mountain Cook
Lake Tekapo
Popular Choose

Mildford Sound

Flyover (Allow 2 hrs) $435.00 per person

Flight & Landing (Allow 3 hrs) $455.00 per person

Flight & Cruise (Allow 5 hrs) $535.00 per person

Popular Choose

Mt Aspiring Grand Tour

(Allow 1 & 1/4 hrs) $225.00 per person

Minimum of 2 adults on all flights

Popular Choose

Mt Cook Mighty Peaks and Glaciers

(Allow 3 hrs) $475.00 per person

If you want custom personal special flight trip

We can even make a plan for you

You’ve seen Wanaka and the surrounding area from the ground, so you already know it is stunning. Seeing it from the air, however, is a totally different experience and is one you will never forget. Whatever option you choose for your scenic flight in Wanaka, NZ, you won’t be disappointed.

We have options available to suit your requirements, or we can create a completely customised experience. What you can be sure of is that you will see and experience the beauty of New Zealand.

The choices include iconic locations like Milford Sound, Mount Cook, and Mount Aspiring. All these locations will give you a completely different perspective when viewed from the air.

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We can take multiple people on our scenic flights, so you can go with friends or your partner. The flights last from just over an hour to around five hours, although this depends on the option you choose and/or what you want to see.

Plus, your pilot will also be your personal guide giving you information on the Wanaka area and the wonderful locations that are part of your scenic flight.

Our prices are affordable too. Book your scenic flight with U-Fly Wanaka, NZ’s scenic flight specialists. Call us on 0800 021 262.

Scenic Flight Experience New Zealand

The standard scenic flight packages that we offer in Wanaka, NZ include flights to Milford Sound, Mt Aspiring, or Mt Cook.

Milford Sound Flight

See the Milford Sound fiord from above with its rainforests, waterfalls, and the stunning Mitre Peak. From the air, you will see places it is almost impossible to reach by other methods, particularly if you are in the Wanaka area for a short period of time.

Plus, we can offer a range of different options. This includes:

  • Flight only experience which lasts about two hours.
  • Flight and landing where you can spend some time on the ground. This option lasts about three hours.
  • Flight and cruise on the fiord in an experience that lasts about five hours and ensures you see Milford Sound from the air, land, and water.

Book your Milford Sound scenic flight experience today.

Mt Aspiring Scenic Flight

Mt Aspiring is one of our shorter and more affordable scenic flight experiences. You will see amazing scenery for the duration of the flight that includes the impressive Mt Aspiring, one of New Zealand’s highest peaks and an area that features glaciers, alpine lakes, and river valleys.

Scenic flights to Mt Aspiring last just over an hour. Book today.

Mt Cook Scenic Flight

In a land of mountains, Mt Cook is the tallest, so is an impressive sight from whatever perspective you look at it. Viewing it from the air, however, lets you see this revered and respected mountain in a way you might otherwise not be able to experience. The snow-capped peaks, glaciers, and sheer scale of this mountain are breathtaking.

Mt Cook scenic flights last about three hours. Book your flight today.