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Flight Options

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Trial Flights

  • 20/30 minutes or 1 hour Fly
  • fully Control the aircraft by yourself
  • Popular Choose
  • bring friend for only 30 NZD per person
from 225 NZD
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Scenic Flights

  • at least 1 Hour Fly
  • 1 pilot & personal tour guide
  • mildford sound
  • mountain cook
  • mountain aspiring
from 225 NZD
(Coming Soon)

Aerobatic flight

  • 30 mins flight
  • 1 pax
  • 1 instructor
  • Lake Wanaka
  • Lake Hawea
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Flight Training

50 hour minimum to gain Private Pilot License:
  • first solo flight after 10-15 hours of flight training
  • 15 hours Dual Flight Time
  • 10 hours Cross-Country Flight Time
  • 6 Theory books & tests
  • 15 hours Solo Flight Time
  • 5 hours Instrument Flight training Time
  • 5 hours Terrain Awareness (Mountain Flying,low flying)

Why Choose U-FLY?

Our friendly and patient pilots will take you on a smooth and safe flight

Trial Flights - You can be the pilot!

Have you ever wanted to fly a plane? You can with U-Fly! With a qualified instructor by your side, experience the thrill of hands-on flying. Perfect as a trail before committing to a career in aviation or as once in a lifetime experience.

Aerobatic Flights (coming soon)

U-Fly is one of the few certified aerobatic training companies in Wanaka. Take an exhilarating flight over beautiful Lake Wanaka or Lake Hawea with one of our expert aerobatics-rated pilots. We also offer aerobatic flight training!

Scenic Flights (coming soon)

Experience New Zealand's most iconic scenery from the air. Our highly qualified and experienced pilots will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime tour of the skies over the spectacular scenery of Wanaka, Mt Aspiring, Mt Cook and more!

Flight Training in Wanaka

Your aviation journey starts here! Once you've completed a trial flight and are still interested in becoming a pilot, we can start you on your career in flight right here in Wanaka. There really is no better place in the world to learn to fly!

U-FLY Wanaka

Scenic Flight Training in NZ

Do you want to learn to fly in Wanaka, New Zealand? Are you looking for a taster session as your first flying lesson to see what’s it’s like to control an aircraft on your own? Or are you looking for a solo flight training package to start you on your journey to eventually obtaining a pilot’s license?

U-Fly Wanaka is a New Zealand aviation training organisation based in stunning Wanaka providing a range of aviation services to both qualified pilots and beginners or just to those who want to experience the thrill of flight. Our fleet of well-maintained planes are perfect for learning how to fly, taking a scenic flight, or going on an aerobatic adventure. Plus, our instructors are all highly skilled pilots with extensive mountain flying experience in the magnificent Southern Alps.

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To find out more about our flight school in New Zealand or to make a booking, please contact us today on 0800 021 262.

Mountain Flying and Scenic Flight Experience in NZ

In addition to being a leading flight training centre, we also offer some of the best scenic flight experiences in New Zealand. The Wanaka region and Southern Alps are home to some of the world’s most incredible scenery and seeing it up close and personal from the air is truly something else!

Mountain flying is part of the process of obtaining a pilot’s license, but we also offer scenic flights in and around the breathtaking mountains in the Wanaka region. If you are a pilot doing your mountain flying training, you can take a friend with you to enjoy the spectacular views for an additional fee. Mountain flying takes you deep into the Southern Alps, including to Mt Cook and Mt Aspiring.

If you are a group or a couple wanting an incredible scenic experience, call us today to talk to us about our scenic flying packages.


First Solo Flight and Pilot Training in Wanaka, NZ


Have you always dreamed of becoming a pilot? Before committing to long-term lessons, come and see us at U-Fly Wanaka and take your first flying lesson with us. Our u-fly flying lessons are a great way to really get the feel of flying, what is involved, and all at an affordable price. You will learn how to take off, fly, and land with one of our experienced instructors and really get a feel for the experience of flying a plane yourself.

Once you decide that flying is for you, we will help you through the process of getting your pilot’s license. The flights and pilot training, including paperwork, we offer in Wanaka covers the 50 hours of training required by NZ CAA .

Your first solo flight will occur after 10-15 hours of dual flight training. Once you have completed your first solo flight, the remaining hours will include both instructed and solo flights. This helps to build your confidence and experience in the variety of unique terrains and flying conditions we have in Wanaka.


The solo flying package we offer includes:

  • 15 hours of dual flying
  • 15 hours of solo flying
  • 10 hours of cross-country flight time
  • 5 hours of instrument flight training time
  • 5 hours of terrain awareness flight time training
  • The theory books you need and all your tests


New Zealand Aviation School


We have four main aviation packages to choose from:

  • Single Trial flight
  • Starter Package which includes your first three lessons
  • First Solo Flight Package which includes the 10-15 hours of flight training to meet your solo flight requirement
  • PPL (Private Pilot License) training. This is the full 50 hrs of training as required by NZ CAA to complete your private pilot’s license.


We also offer advanced training courses including commercial pilot license training and flight instructor rating training (C category).

You’ll also benefit from learning to fly in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Our flying instructors are some of the most experienced and skilled due to our unique conditions and terrain here in New Zealand on the edge of the Southern Alps. They will give you the knowledge you need and will ensure you are fully competent in all aspects of flying.

Your dream of becoming a pilot could become a reality. Learn to fly in Wanaka, New Zealand by contacting us at U-Fly Wanaka today.

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