U-FLY Wanaka

Flight experience

At the guidance of a professional flight instructor, you begin your experience by taking off from the mountain hugged runway, fly over the glacier lake of Wanaka, circling around the mighty peak of Mt Aspiring, and landing safely back on the grassy runway.

The view from the cockpit and the experience of flying the aircraft yourself is something most can only imagine. We hope this flight will help you to realize your flying dream and be your first step to become a licenced aviator.

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Recreational / Commercial

Milford / Mt Cook / Mt Aspiring

Have you always dreamed of becoming a pilot? Before committing to long-term lessons, come and see us at U-Fly Wanaka and take your first flying lesson with us. Our u-fly flying lessons are a great way to really get the feel of flying, what is involved, and all at an affordable price. You will learn how to take off, fly, and land with one of our experienced instructors and really get a feel for the experience of flying a plane yourself.

U-Fly Wanaka is a New Zealand aviation training organisation based in stunning Wanaka. We provide a range of aviation services to both beginner and qualified pilot, or someone just wants to experience the thrill of flight. Our well-maintained fleet is perfect for learning how to fly. Our instructors are all highly skilled pilots with extensive mountain flying experience in the magnificent Southern Alps.

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