U-FLY Wanaka

Flying experience

U-Fly offers you a unique experience unlike other Wanaka or Queenstown scenic flights over the Southern Alps – you get to experience flying the plane yourself!

Taking off from Wanaka airport, ringed by the mountains of the Southern Alps, your scenic trial flight will take you out over Lake Wanaka, circle around the mighty peak of Mount Aspiring and then land safely back at Wanaka airport. There’s no better way to see the Southern Alps than from the air and whilst taking in all of the amazing mountain views you’ll also take your first steps in handling a plane… all under the expert guidance of our professional, friendly flight instructors.

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Recreational / Commercial

Milford / Mt Cook / Mt Aspiring

Many of us dream of becoming a pilot but with such a sizeable commitment of time and financial resources it really pays to come out and see U-Fly Wanaka. With us, you will immediately get hands on with the plane and start to appreciate if learning to fly is for you.

If flying lessons and flight training are something you are keen to undertake our U-Fly lessons are a great, inexpensive way to build and develop your skills at an affordable price. Working with our experienced instructors you will learn how to take off, land and fly a plane and get a good knowledge of flying planes in one of the most scenic places in the world.

U-Fly Wanaka is a New Zealand aviation training organization based in the stunning mountain town of Wanaka in Central Otago. We offer flight training and services for both the complete beginner or the qualified pilot, such as our mountain flying package.

Our fleet of planes is well maintained and perfect for training. We pride ourselves on our excellent safety record and we focus on your safety as a priority. Our team are friendly with a deep level of experience, professionalism and understanding of mountain flying.

We’re passionate about what we do and we are ready to take you to the skies over the Southern Alps to experience the thrill of flying whether it’s a one off experience, your first step on your flight training journey or to add more skills to your professional capability.

Our booking process is simple and we’re flexible, wanting to make you have the best experience – be that a one-off scenic flight or a series of flight training lessons. Get in touch with us today and enquire about what’s best for you.

My Partner brought me a U-Fly ticket for Xmas. I took me about 3 months to use it due to commitments. Well all I can say is it was nothing more than amazing!! Fox, my instructor was second to none, like second to none!! Just amazing! When U-Fly say you fly the plane, you fly the plane, give or take as Fox did talk the controls a little. (Obviously, as Fox didn't want to die with me at the controls) But all in all I was flying the plane! I will be going back for a second go as I now know what to expect, like how control inputs affects the plane. All I can say is Fox is the most amazing instructor. Thank you Fox. PS: Please note that if you do the U-Fly your time in the air does go toward your pilot's license if you were looking to do one in the future.

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