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It's time to start your aviation adventures in New Zealand

 With incredibly epic landscape surrounded, Otago is arguably the most beautiful region to explore in New Zealand. No matter you are looking for exciting outdoor activities or peaceful wilderness, this stunning place offers something for everyone. Here at U-FLY Wanaka you will have the opportunity to reward yourself by combining the fun on the ground and the excitement of exploring breathtaking scenery in the upper air.

Queenstown landing

Queenstown Airport rated world’s most scenic landing. It’s one of the most attractive destinations many pilots can only dream of. Approach, land, walk around, discover the town, and then take off again. You will be one of the privileged few, and yes of course, this will be an unforgettable experience in your entire flying career. Guaranteed!

fly + hook + fly
fly + spa + fly
fly + hike +fly
fly + water sports + fly

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A great range of fly over plus landing trips can be arranged.

Customized trips can be discussed and organized. 

Overnight trips available. 

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