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20min Lake Wanaka Scenic

Distance: 52KM

Allow 40 minutes

Soar over the picturesque Lake Wanaka township and then on over stunning and often glass-like Glendhu Bay. The views are truly amazing and you feel like you can see forever. A sweeping turn over the lake takes us back to base, skirting past wedge-shaped Mount Iron and the sparkling Clutha River. The beautiful vastness of Lake Wanaka, her islands, and the valleys and land surrounding her are simply breathtaking and one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. For those short on time or limited by budget, this is the flight lesson for you! No previous experience is necessary as you will be with an experienced pilot/instructor and can take the controls as much or as little as you like. Everyone can learn to fly whether you're 10 or 100!

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30min River Valley Scenic

Distance: 80KM

Allow 1 hour

Combine a learn to fly experience with a stunning scenic flight over Lake Wanaka and its islands shaped by glaciers. Our flightpath heads to the mouth of the Matukituki Valley – the gateway to Mount Aspiring National Park - then on to include Lake Wanaka's four islands, which are also sanctuaries for endangered flightless birds. Views extend across both Lake Wanaka and stunning and wild Lake Hawea. The abundance of fresh water in the greater Wanaka region is a paradise for water sport lovers in the summer and is the start of the Clutha hydro-electric scheme. The flight from Lake Hawea takes us over other-worldly circles made by pivot-irrigators. Despite their use on the ground, they make interesting patterns when viewed from the air!

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1hr Glacial Ridge Scenic

Distance: 135KM

Allow 1½ hours

After a pilot briefing with your qualified instructor, we take off and climb up to 3500 meters heading west up the majestic Matukituki Valley and into the heart of Mount Aspiring National Park. We'll pass picturesque Glendhu Bay, Rocky Mountain, and Treble Cone ski fields on the way. You'll see glaciers in their glistening glory and fly through a magical alpine wonderland only seen by a privileged few. Our turn around point is right under Mount Aspiring where waterfalls cascade into valleys of untouched beauty, literally at the heart of the Southern Alps. We then fly low level down the Minaret Burn valley following the braided river to the clear blue of Lake Wanaka. Our journey home takes us for a flying visit past the wilderness of Lake Hawea.

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What is a Trial Flight?


A Trial Flight is a short 20, 30, or 1 hour flight in a small aircraft with an experienced instructor at your side. The qualified instructor guides you through a take off, flight, and landing, all while having dual control of the plane. The dual control means that you are in the safest hands and the instructor will only give full control to you when you feel comfortable.

This means that you can have as much or as little control of the plane as you want.

If you have always wanted to learn how to fly, or if you have ‘flying a plane’ on your bucket list, U-Fly Wanaka is the perfect place to book a trial flight. Our highly qualified and experienced instructors have many hours flying in the Lake Wanaka region. They know the area and the conditions, so you are in the very safest hands.



Why are they called Scenic Trial Flights’?

Wanaka and the surrounding region including the mighty and spectacular Southern Alps of New Zealand is among some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. At U-Fly, a trial flight will take you over this amazing landscape, and, because you have an experienced pilot instructor with you at all times, you can take a break from flying the plane and enjoy the truly magnificent scenery.


Who can take a Trial Flight?

Trials flights are suitable for anyone, so it doesn’t matter whether you are 10 or 100. Because our highly qualified instructor is right beside you and they have their own controls of the plane, anyone can book a trial flight at U-Fly Wanaka.

You can even bring someone on the flight to enjoy the experience with you! Whether you are interested in becoming a pilot and are taking a trail flight to find out if flying really is for you, or if you simply want to experience what it feels like to fly a plane, a trial flight in Wanaka, New Zealand is for you.

Trial Flights are also affordable and there’s no long-term time or financial commitment required. You simply book your slot, take your flight, and decide whether becoming a pilot is something you want to pursue.

Enquire today to find out more or to make a booking by calling 0800 021 262.




What can I expect on a trial flight at U-Fly Wanaka?

If you’re like most people who book a trail flight with us, you will be a mixture of both excited and maybe a little nervous. So, what can you expect on your trial flight with us at U-Fly?

Firstly, the flight can last between 20 minutes and an hour depending on the time you have available and your budget. You can also take a friend with you for a small extra fee and they can sit back and relax and take in the incredible scenery. One of the major benefits of a trial flight in Wanaka, is the views! While on your flight you will get to enjoy some of the best scenery in New Zealand from the air – and believe us – there’s nothing like it!

The plane you take your trial flight in will be the same as the plane you will learn how to fly in if you decide to continue your aviation journey and book more lessons or start your PPL journey with us.

You will be with a fully qualified pilot instructor who will guide you through taking control of the aircraft during the flight so that you can truly experience what it’s like to fly.

To find out more and to book a trial flight in Wanaka, New Zealand, contact us on 0800 021 262.