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Trial Flights.

Trial flights at U-FLY guide you through everything from takeoff to landing, giving you the full experience in the safest hands.

What’s involved?

Trail Flights Wanaka New Zealand

Book one of the 20, 30 or 60 minute Trial Flights and enjoy the stunning Southern Alps with the team at U-FLY Wanaka. In a small dual controlled aircraft, our qualified instructors will guide you through a take-off, flight and landing over Lake Wanaka.

Every aircraft is dual controlled ensuring close support from our qualified instructors. This means you can have as much control and flight time as you would like right from take-off through to landing. Take the opportunity to see the incredible Central Otago landscape from the best viewpoint with U-FLY Wanaka.

n. (Wanaka)人名;(日)和中(姓)
WANAKA: 瓦纳卡湖
Lake Wanaka: 瓦纳卡湖
Wanaka Hotel: 瓦纳卡酒店
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Trail Flights Wanaka New Zealand

U-FLY Trial Flights.

Gift Voucher.

Trail Flights Wanaka New Zealand

Thinking about a special gift for a loved one or friend? Did you know people remember a special experience over conventional gifts.

A unique trial flight in a marvelous part of the world is the perfect choice!

(Extra passenger/s can be included with extra charge Valid for 12 months from date of purchase)

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Trail Flights Wanaka New Zealand
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