Unique Mountain Flying Training

in marvelous Central Otago
New Zealand

What is mountain flying training?

Basically, mountain flying training is divided into 3 sections, which are terrain and weather awareness, basic mountain flying and advanced mountain flying. As mountainous terrain makes up over half of New Zealand, at some stage you will find yourself being affected by terrain no matter where you fly in this country. Pilots who operate regularly among the mountains have developed a special set of skills, knowledge, and flying techniques to help them survive.

If you wish to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight in, around, or over hills or mountains you must develop these skills, collect the knowledge and appreciate the factors involved. Above all, know your own limitations and those of your aircraft – and stick to them.

Why Us?

Wanaka is one of the best area for mountain flying in New Zealand, also well-known around the world for being an exceptional aviation destination. Offering world class flight training in an ever-changing environment filled with challenging terrain and weather all rolled into one beautiful little package.

U-FLY Wanaka provides professional mountain flying training course in a safe mind. At U-FLY we have a 100% safety record. We take safety seriously and take pride in maintaining a 100% safety record after decade of flying and flight training. Our pilots range from B Category to C Category instructors who have thousands of hour of flying in this breathtakingly beautiful region combined. We will help you expand and enhance your flying skills with premium mountain flying experience.


Recreational Mountain Flying Adventure

Terrain and Weather Awareness Training

This course of training is to expand on the syllabus requirements of low flying to incorporate an increased level of experience and understanding of flying near terrain and the effects of weather.

This training course meet the training requirements of CAA Aeroplane Terrain and Weather Awareness AC61-03 Syllabus.

Basic Mountain Flying Training

This course of training is to expand on both PPL terrain awareness and CPL low flying training and introduce you to the principles of basic mountain flying to further develop the experience level and understanding of operating near terrain and the associated weather, especially wind.

This course of training meet the training requirements of CAA Aeroplane Basic Mountain Flying Training AC61-05 Syllabus.

Advanced Mountain Flying for Commercial Operation

Advanced mountain flying training is any training conducted beyond that required either for mountainous terrain awareness training required by advisory circular AC61-3 or basic mountain flying instruction required by advisory circular AC61-5.