Mountain Flights for Pilots

We offer unique mountain flying experiences and training for pilots.


What is Mountain Flying?


We provide unique Mountain Flying experiences for pilots who want to take their skills to the next level. Whether you have flown in mountains or not, flying in the Southern Alps of New Zealand is truly amazing. The Southern Alps offer a unique experience for pilots due to the terrain and conditions surrounding them.

With the Tasman Sea to the west, and lakes and vast plains to the east, the Southern Alps stretch over a rugged wilderness of over 650kms (400miles) long. U-Fly Wanaka offers pilots a unique climate and opportunity to hone their skills in extreme mountains and conditions.

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Private Pilot License Mountain Flight Training


We also offer Mountain Flight Training. Have your PPL ( Private Pilot License) and want to learn how to navigate and fly in mountains?  U-Fly Wanaka is the perfect place to learn. We cover all basic mountain flying techniques and training requirements and are located on the doorstep of some of the most spectacular mountains in the world.

We offer full terrain and weather appreciation training to meet all PPL training standards. You will learn to identify usable horizons and be able to superimpose this on variable backgrounds – including mountains.

You will also learn how to safely approach, cross, and position after crossing ridges, saddles, passes or spurs.

Our experienced mountain flying pilots will guide you through real-situation disorientation circumstances and how to reorient in real time and place. These are invaluable skills and we highly recommend completing our U-Fly Mountain Flight Training.


Commercial Pilot License Mountain Flight Training


For commercial pilots looking to extend their knowledge and experience in extreme mountainous regions, we offer full Basic Mountain flying training for commercial pilots to meet the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) training syllabus.

For Advanced Mountain Flight Training for P135 commercial pilots, we have an extensive programme that covers everything a commercial pilot needs to know about flight in extreme terrain.

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