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Starter Pack.

Course Overview

If you are looking to start your flight training journey one step at a time. the U-FLY Wanaka Starter Pack is for you! If you are just looking to learn to fly but you aren’t 100% sold, this is a great opportunity to dip your toe in aviation with the team at U-FLY! We recommend an initial trial flight before beginning the starter pack, these flight hours will be logged and added to your PPL training when you are ready.

Getting started

Practical Training
  • 1hr trail flight.
  • 3hr flight training, covers Effective Controls. 
  • Ground briefing or training time up to 2 hours.
  • NZ Pilot logbook.
  • Printed Pilot Flight Training Briefing note.

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Please contact us as you don’t have to go through an application process if you want a Starter Pack course. Just get in touch to make a booking!

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