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Solo Prep Pack.

Course Overview

The 10-hour solo preparation package will get you to the point of being ready to fly solo. This package includes everything in the starter pack and basic control pack, then extends your training and experience to prepare you for your first solo flight. All theory required to reach a solo flight is included and, you will be adept at pre-flight checks, weather appreciation, radio calls, and navigation.

Course Content.

Practical Training
  • 1hr trail flight.
  • 9hr flight training, covers Straight, Level, Climbing, Descending, Medium Turns, Slow Flight, Basic Stall, and Introduction of Flight Circuits.
  • Up to 5hrs of Ground Briefing/Ground Training
  • Airport Safety Briefing. 
  • Assist with Medical Examination.
  • NZ Pilot logbook.
  • Printed Pilot Flight Training Briefing note.

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Please contact us as you don’t have to go through an application process if you want a Solo Prep Pack course. Just get in touch to make a booking!

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