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Private Pilot License (PPL).

Course Overview

U-FLY Wanaka offers full Private Pilot License (PPL) training overlooking the scenic Otago landscape. If you have always wanted to learn to fly, now is the chance to start your aviation dream! As an introduction, we recommend you complete one of the U-FLY Trial Flights prior to beginning your PPL. This flight will count towards your final PPL hours and gives you a taster of what flight training will be like.
Whatever your flight goals are, the team at U-FLY are here to ensure you achieve them!

Course Content.

Practical Training

A minimum of 50 hours flight time. Included in this flight time will be :

  • At least 30 hours with an instructor on board
  • At least 15 hours flying solo under the supervision of an instructor on the ground, and Terrain awareness training
  • Various exercises beginning with basic handling skills, progressing to circuits where you will eventually go solo, then to more advanced handling skills and cross country navigation.
  • Aviation Law
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft technical knowledge
  • Navigation
  • Human factors
  • Flight Radio (FRTO rating)
  • Aviation English proficiency test
Entry Requirements

To fly solo you must:

  • Be at least 16 of age
  • Hold a Class 2 Aviation Medical Certificate or a driving licence medical certificate (DL9).
Qualification Requirements

To qualify for a PPL you must :

  • Be at least 17 of age
  • Gain a minimum of 50 flying hours
  • Pass the six theory subjects that are part of the course curriculum
  • Pass a practical flight test at the conclusion of your training
  • There is no upper age limit for the Private Pilots Licence and it remains valid as long as you can demonstrate competency in your flying and hold a current appropriate medical certificate.

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