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Flight Instructor Rating.

Course Overview

Looking to become a flight instructor? The team at U-FLY Wanaka are a team of instructors qualified to offer advanced training to those looking to purse a career in flight instructing. This training course provides you with the instructor privileges to bridge the gap between a newly graduated pilot to airline entry requirements.

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Why us

U-FLY want to provide students with the opportunity to gain flying hours and experience after graduation. U-FLY aims to continue to develop instructors trained internally within their Commercial Sector.

Course Content.

Practical Training
  • At least 25 hours dual flight time
  • At least 50 hours PIC Training
  • At least 1 hour spin recovery training
  • Flight Instruction Technical Skills
Entry Requirements

To enrol for the course:

  • Hold a Commercial Pilot License
  • Hold a Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate
Qualification Requirements

To qualify for a Flight Instructor Training you must :

  • Be at least 18 of age
  • Pass the Flight Instructor Test

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