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Flight Training.

U-FLY offers full time and flexible approaches to flight training for both private and commercial licenses.

What’s involved?

Learn to fly - Flight Training with U-Fly Wanaka

Located in one of the most stunning mountainous regions of New Zealand, U-FLY offers trainee pilots the opportunity to learn to fly in Wanaka. We deliver expert instruction to guide you through your Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training, Single or Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (SEIR or MEIR), and C-Category Instructor Rating. For trainee pilots who would like to explore Commercial Aviation, they must first complete their PPL in order to begin their CPL.

U-FLY training courses include a combination of classroom-based theory sessions and flying sessions. The flying sessions include elements of instruction, demonstration and practice. All U-FLY courses follow strict NZCAA syllabus ensuring maximum learning efficiency.

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Learn to fly - Flight Training with U-Fly Wanaka

Tailored to you!

Flight training

U-FLY offers all trainee pilots a flexible full time or part time approach to flight training. We understand that learning to fly requires significant time and investment and we want to ensure that the flight training process is as seamless and flexible as possible in order to suit your individual requirements.

U-FLY wants to ensure your flight training experience is enjoyable every step of the way. We believe offering the flexibility to plan your flight training will ensure this is the case.

Flight training

U-FLY Training Courses.

What’s it like training with U-FLY?

Hamish Christie: U-FLY Student

“Being born and bred in Wanaka, U-FLY was the right choice for me when it came to flight training. Progressing first as a student pilot and then working up the instructing ladder, U-FLY provided me with all the support and opportunity I needed to achieve my airline dream. All of the staff at U-FLY are very passionate about aviation. They were always happy to go above and beyond to help, and share their knowledge and experience. The skills I’ve learnt and the memories I have of U-FLY will stick with me throughout my career.”


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