Flight Training in Wanaka

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U-Fly Wanaka offers Professional Pilot License training in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Come to learn, stay for the lifestyle – you will love your time learning to fly in Wanaka, New Zealand.

Private Pilot License

We offer full PPL (Private Pilot License) Training here at U-Fly Wanaka. If you have always wanted to learn to fly, now is your chance!  We recommend doing one of our Trial Flights first – this does count towards your final hours! Whatever your flight goals, we can help you achieve your dreams of flying here at U-Fly Wanaka.

Commercial Pilot License

Want to take your PPL to the next level? Do you want to fly commercially in New Zealand or around the world? U-Fly Wanaka can help! We offer full Commercial Pilot License (CPL) flight training and flight instructor training as well. You will learn everything required by the CPL including the 200 hours required – your PPL flying hours count towards this – 6 theory exams, medical certificate and everything else required by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) in New Zealand to become a commercial pilot. We also offer advanced training to become a commercial pilot instructor

Flight Instructor Rating

We also offer advanced training to become a commercial pilot instructor. The instructor privilege allows you to work as a flight instructor and bridge the experience gap between freshly graduated pilot to airline entry requirement. 

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Starter Pack

The U-Fly Wanaka Starter Pack is for those who want to start their flight training journey one step at a time. This could be due to many reasons including timing, cost, not 100% sure they want to be a pilot yet – many reasons! But it is a great way to start to learn to fly. We recommend doing a Trial Flight first. All flight hours are logged and will count toward complete your PPL when you are ready.

Basic Control

The Basic Control Package includes 6 lessons including theory. You will learn pre-flight checks, take off, basic flying skills, and landing. Your flight instructor will guide you through all basic elements of flying a plane including some weather and terrain variants. This package is for those who are taking a bit more time to complete their PPL for whatever reason. All hours count towards your PPL.

Solo Prep Pack

The 10-Hour Solo Preparation Package will get you to the point of being ready to fly solo. This package includes everything in the Starter Pack and Basic Control Pack and then extends your training and experience to prepare you for your first solo flight. All theory required to reach a solo flight is included and you will be adept at pre-flight checks, weather appreciation, radio calls, and navigation.