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U-FLY Wanaka

Your Safety Is Our Priority

100% Safety Record. We take safety seriously and take pride in maintaining a 100% safety record after three decades of flying and flight training. We list all types of aircraft below

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Flight Training

Cessna C-172

Cessna 172 is an American four seat,single engine,high wing light aircraft, it is a common aircraft for flight training. The cessna 172 is the most popular and successful aircraft in the world.

Cruise Speed: 100 knot

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Piper PA-28 Cherokee

Piper PA-28 is a four-seat,single single built by Piper Aircraft and designed for flight training and personal use, PA-28 only have a single door on the right side.

Cruise Speed:100 knot

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Twin-engine Aircraft

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question it may be in the list below

Anyone!! Just about anyone can learn to fly. You can find out if flying suits you by taking a trial flight with our friendly instructors.
There are many pilots who wear glasses. It is not an issue that would prevent you from following a career in aviation.
About 30 minutes before your flight time, but remember to check with us for a weather report before you come to the airport. Email or phone us during business hours.
You can control the aircraft for almost the entire flight. It's easy, just relax!